Product Design

To combine unconventional ideas and know how of different creative fields and crafts was the fundamental thoughts when Award Associates was founded in 1998. Over the years a synergetic network was formed that guarantees top quality any way you look at it.

Human curiosity, sensual perception and the joy to discover are the basic guidelines: active experience instead of traditional teaching no matter what the subject matter or the theme of the exhibition might be. Guide the people through the presentation and give them the chance to discover what you want them to find out.

  • Product Design

    ELEMENTRA Product-Family

    Machines filling liquid and pasty products 

    Client: FEIGE Filling / Bad Oldesloe Germany
    Design: Award Associates 

  • Product Design

    Produkt Design Klient: HAVER & BOECKER / Oelde

  • Product Design

    Fusion - Napkinrings and holder

    material: brass, silver-plating, wood.

  • Product Design

    Hide-away: Mask for multiple plugs

    Design award: „Design Innovati“ 1997

  • Product Design

    Clip - Moneyclip

    Presented 1995 in the exhibition GOOD DESIGN im Atheneum / Museum of Architekture and Design, Chicago 

    Design-Shop-Collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York .

  • Product Design

    Papoos - fruit plate

    Fruit plate, peartree (brown) stained ashtree (black) 
    inspired by cradleboards of the Plains Indians.

  • Product Design

    Menu holder with integrated reservation sign

    Designed for Helix/Akantus´ client Phillip Morris.

  • Product Design

    EGGO - egg cup

    Egg cup and salt shaker combination of stainless steel or aluminium and ash or peartree.