Architecture / Interiors

To combine unconventional ideas and know how of different creative fields and crafts was the fundamental thoughts when Award Associates was founded in 1998. Over the years a synergetic network was formed that guarantees top quality any way you look at it.

Human curiosity, sensual perception and the joy to discover are the basic guidelines: active experience instead of traditional teaching no matter what the subject matter or the theme of the exhibition might be. Guide the people through the presentation and give them the chance to discover what you want them to find out.

  • Architecture / Interiors

    AVENTUS 2020

    Lichtarchitektur, Interior Design und Leitsystem (2020)

    Klient: AVENTUS GmbH & Co. KG, Katzheide 33, 48231 Warendorf

    Photos: Picture 1-3: © BARLO FOTOGRAFIK Picture 4-22: AWard Associates

  • Architecture / Interiors

    Facade Design, Leuchtwerbung, Fahnen und Leitsystem (2020)

    Febromed - einer der größten Kreißsaaleinrichter in Europa 
    Am Landhagen 52
    59302 Oelde

  • Architecture / Interiors

    Atrium „HAVER TECHNOLOGIES“ in Tianjin, China

    Cooperationpartner: Architekturbüro Heiringhoff / Oelde 
    Client: HAVER Technologies Tianjin / HTT

  • Architecture / Interiors

    Illuminated-Installation / game: Take a Look

    HAVER & BOECKER / Oelde - Deutschland

    Award Associates 

  • Architecture / Interiors

    Atrium Thomas-Morus-Gymnasiums (2017)

  • Architecture / Interiors

    Objekt Grafiken (2015)

    Klient: Dr. R. Festge / Präsident der Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V. 

  • Architecture / Interiors

    BEHN + BATES Factory

    Interior Design Project:

    Foyer and Lounge Area with individually designed tables

    Client: BEHN + BATES / Münster (Germany)

  • Architecture / Interiors

  • Architecture / Interiors

  • Architecture / Interiors

    FEIGE Filling GmbH

    Interior Design / Showroom

    Client: FEIGE Filling GmbH / Bad Oldesloe

    Producers of filling machines for liquid and pasty products, conveyors or palletising systems.
    Award Associates: Exhibition Design, Scenography and Light-Design
    Realisation: 2012
    Photography: Thomas Schnell
    building renovation: Heiringhoff Architecture / Oelde 

  • Architecture / Interiors

    Haver Filling Systems, Inc. (Atlanta, USA)

    Interior design for Haver Filling Systems, Inc. Atlanta, USA 

    LED Light installation using H&B wire fabric on the building front, interior combining Bauhaus-furniture, graphic textbanners and light sculptures 
    (inspired by Stiks, Extremis).

  • Architecture / Interiors


    The office is a central location of the order and was installed for administation purposes and to transact donations. Due to the orders credo to serve the poor, a modest yet technically efficient design and architecture concept was developed. 

    The colors of the walls, furniture and floor (reflecting the robes), lighting, materials (bamboo, glass, aluminium) are related to the surroundings of the founder´s operation area India. Photos document the work and add a very personal touch to the Office.

    in cooperation with architekt Manfred Heiringhoff.
    photography: Andrea Stahnke / Haver & Boecker

  • Architecture / Interiors


    Signage for the office building of H&B.

  • Architecture / Interiors

    Carl-Haver-Forum in Oelde, Westphalia

    Design of the event room and signage in the new addition.

  • Architecture / Interiors

    Private Home

    1. Highgrade steel columns carry glass sheets that are arranged in three diffent level so they form a staircase for the running water. The water is pumped up to the top level, flows down the glass sheets and finnally down inside the steel colums. From there it is transported underneath the granite tiles back to the portal. Three lights relate to the light sculptures and columns.

    2. Floating Staircase: Massive glass stairs are individually built in the pastell green wall.