Exhibition Design

From all the different design fields AWard Associates offers exhibition design developed into the most important one. It is the field that brings together all the other creative fields and diciplines like a big melting pot. Cooperation and synergetic exchange are the key to high quality and success.

There are some basic principles that all projects have in common like scenographic installations, interactive objects and informations that have to be discovered and therefore can be “dosed“ individually: touch, unfold, open, unscrew, listen, arrange-rearrange to dis-cover information that is hidden behind the scene. Or stay with the information that is presented on the first view.

This way we do not only aim for the „specialists“ among the visitors, but also for a variety of people.

All these exhibition modules serve only the one purpose to support the main ideas, the main tracks of informations and emotions in a wholistic yet modest and esthetic way.

  • Exhibition Design

    Meranti-Halle (tropical house) / educational installations / 2023

    Allwetter Zoo Münster 

    Exhibition Design, Scenography and Graphic Design: 
    Award Associates 

  • Exhibition Design

    Digital Medieval Monastery Library 2023

    Client:  Museum Abtei Liesborn Wadersloh-Liesborn – Germany

    Exhibition Design, Scenography and Graphic Design: 
    Award Associates 

    Liesborner Gospels

  • Exhibition Design

    Who seeks, finds / Brakel, East Westphalia Germany

    Concept: AWard Associates Münster
    Exhibition texts and didatic concept: Dr. Martina Ward
    Exhibition design, szenography und graphics: Grad.Des. Robert Ward

  • Exhibition Design

    Wibbelts Welt

  • Exhibition Design

    Kulturgut Haus Nottbeck / 2018

  • Exhibition Design

    Under your skin…when raincoats turn into book pages

    Art project with young refugees and German high school students

    A cooperation of Dr. phil. Martina Ward (Award Associates) and the City of Münster´s projects “Arriving in Münster”

    “Under your skin” is part of a creative project installed for young refugees who are looking for a new identity. They are between 16 and 23 years old and come from Syria, Irak, Iran, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Sudan. Since October 2016 they documented the circumstances of their dramatic journey to Germany and shared their thoughts and feelings in logbooks. Like seafarers they described where they came from, what brought them here and where they would like to go. They talked about the storms and cliffs and risks of their journey but also about hopes and new goals in their lives and the possibilities of freedom, safety and tolerance. But the logbooks also show the struggle and the progress they made communicating in German. 

    In March 2017 a group of German students in their final year of high school joined us and completed the diverse and colorful picture of the new Status quo in our society and culture. They are all in the same process of growing up, leaving childhood and school behind to conquer adult life and build a whole new and common future that will be very much different from the past. Those young people would have never met under “normal” circumstances. To see them new get together at one big round table talking, laughing, creating and planning a common future, was overwhelming and very much encouraging.

    Since they are all “shedding their old skins” and growing a new and yet undescribed one the idea arose to let them write down their thoughts and feelings, ideas and hope and wishes on “rainskins” (that´s what raincoats are also called in German). Let them create individual raincoats instead of filling logbook-pages.

    Coats and cloaks have always been powerful and diverse symbols in human history, religion, art and fantasy. In Myths and stories they protect, keep warm, disguise, give or take away power and generally define who you are. The same can be said about language, magic words or poetry. So these raincoats or “rainskins” talk about the young people who created them and now share them with a public audience in an exhibition.

    The raincoats not only carry words and mutual wishes but also family pictures, photos of favorite places “back home” and of the dangerous and exhausting flight to Germany. They became symbols of change and hope. A gallery of portraits accompanies the installation. So the visitors are not only invited to try on these “new skins”, but to feel what that is like and to find out, which coat goes with each face.

    An Irish filmmaker accompanied the project so there are also interviews with all participants on film in the exhibition. Vou are invited to let these impressions go under your skin.

    Idea and Concept: dr. Martina Ward

    Exhibition Design and graphics: Award Associates

    Film and Photography: Gerald Sheridan

    Opening: June 12th 2017, 2 P.M.
    Where: JAZ (Youth´s Education Center Münster)
    Kinderhauser Straße 112, 48147 Münster

    Duration: weekdays from June 12th to July 14th and July 31st to August 25th 201710 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Contact: +49 251 6094454 Annette van Bebber and +49 251 393044 Dr. Martina Ward

  • Exhibition Design


    Ich bin ein Gedicht.
    Visuelle Poesie und andere Experimente
    von Reinhard Döhl, Timm Ulrichs & S.J. Schmidt

    Den Sommer über sind die Werke dieser drei Künstler-Autoren im Museum für Westfälische Literatur auf dem Kulturgut Nottbeck zu entdecken. Im Innenhof werden Texte zum Anschauen präsentiert. Hier kann man Bilder lesen, Buchstabenmuster betrachten und über hintersinnige Sprüche nachdenken. Im Wechselausstellungsraum des Museums setzen sich die Experimente mit Sprache auf Papieren und Gegenständen fort. Dort findet sich auch ein Manifest von Timm Ulrichs, in welchem er erklärt: "ich bin ein gedicht". Dieser Satz ist zugleich das Motto der Ausstellung, die die überraschende Vielfalt der experimentellen Poesie zeigt – eine Poesie, die aus Bildern, Objekten oder gar einem Menschen bestehen kann.

    Kuratorin: Sonja-Anna Lesniak
    Konzept: Sonja-Anna Lesniak und Walter Gödden

    Ausstellungsgestaltung und Szenografie: AWard Associates

    Ein Projekt der LWL-Literaturkommission für Westfalen und des Museums für Westfälische Literatur.

    Gefördert von der Kunststiftung NRW, der Sparkasse Münsterland Ost und dem Verein der Freunde und Förderer des Hauses Nottbeck.

  • Exhibition Design

    About Animals in fairytales and tales about animals

    June4th to October 9th 2016 

    Animals appear in almost any fairytale in the world. For the first time they are the center of attraction in the Westfalian Horse Museum Münster. 

    The exhibition reveals the secrets of their success and shows what part horses and other animals have in the world of legends and tales. 

    A Cooperation with the Deutsches Märchen- und Wesersagenmuseum in Bad Oeynhausen 

    Exhibition design and scenography: AWard Associates, Münster

  • Exhibition Design

    Horses at war

    An exhibition by the Hippomaxx Westphalian Horse Museum in cooperation with the Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr Dresden 

    Curator: Sybill Ebers 

    Exhibition design and scenography: Award Associates, Münster, Robert Ward

  • Exhibition Design

    Droste-Forum: three poems - three pavilions

    An exhibition by the Hippomaxx Westphalian Horse Museum in cooperation with the Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr Dresden 

    Curator: Sybill Ebers 

    Exhibition design and scenography: Award Associates, Münster, Robert Ward

  • Exhibition Design

    The Technology Days 2012

    The Technology Days 2012 at the A2 Forum Rheda-Wiedenbrück.

    A scenographical exhibition within the 125 Year Anniversary of HAVER & BOECKER, Wireweaving and Engineering Plants.

    This scenographically designed exhibition depicts the 29 subsidiaries of HAVER & BOECKER which are located across the globe.

  • Exhibition Design

    Racing Horses - Horse Racing

    An exhibition at the Westphalian Horsemuseum Münster, Germany 

    In Cooperation with:
    National Horseracing Museum Newmarket, England

    Exhibitiodesign: Award Associates, Münster

    This exhibition comprises more than 300 years of horseracing history. Amongst the legendary race in Ascot (UK), the impressions of the german racing courts are displayed, as well as detailed background information. Interactive Installations provide a genuine experience for visitors of all ages. 

    «Racing Horses - Horseracing» will be available from March 2nd until September 23rd 2012. 
    It is a cooperation with the National Horseracing Museum in Newmarket (UK), the cradle of modern horseracing.

  • Exhibition Design

    »Schreibwelten – erschriebene Welten«

  • Exhibition Design

    Zoo (Hi)Story - Wild animals for Europe

    An exhibition in cooperation between the Hippomaxx Westphalian Horsemuseum, the Westphalien Landscaping Federation and the Zoo Muenster

    Feb. 11th – July 25th 2010

    Curator: Sybill Ebers (director of Hippomaxx )

    Exhibition design and scenography: AWard Associates, Robert Ward 

    Exhibition schedule:

    • City Museum Bergkamen: Jan.1st- Sept.19th 2010
    • Museum Wilnsdorf: Sept.24th- Nov.21th 2010
    • Museum of Natural History Paderborn: Nov.26th- Jan 23rd 2011
    • Bochumer Center of City History: Feb.2nd- March 27th 2011
    • Museum Munsterland Burg Vischering, Luedinghausen: April 3rd- May 29th 2011
    • City Museum Werne: June 5th- July 1st 2011
    • Hermann-Grochtmann-Museum Datteln: Aug.4th- Sept.4th 2011
  • Exhibition Design

    Museum Of Natural History Karlsruhe

    Permanent Exhibition in the Museum of Natural Science Karlsruhe

    Only if we understand nature and the way nature functions, will web be able to make the necessary decitions for its protection. Only if we value precious natural and human ressources will we be able to create a lasting future. 
    Kofi Annan 2005

    Curator: Dr. Werner Höfer, Museum of Natural Science Karlsruhe

    Exhibition design and scenography: Award Associates, Robert Ward

    The exhibition shows a unique combination of life animals, old architecture and scenographic elements to create a deeper understanding for the environmental processses on this planet. 

    Scenographic objects, light projection, audio stationes and new media presentations inable small and grown up visitors to experience and comprehend complex scientific facts in a experimental, fun and emotional way. 

    One of the challenging tasks of this project was to combine the demanding aspects of the old architecture and the modern scenographic elements and to create a harmonious atmosphere of learning and adventure. The most important attractions ofcourse are the exotic “actors” such as plants, corals, fish and reptiles as perfect examples of adaption to climate, landscape and fellow living beings.

  • Exhibition Design

    Traces - Old Synagogue Essen

    Exhibition Concept fort the architectural competition: Old Synagogue Essen

    Basic measure of any exhibition concept is a communicative, vivid and esthetic presentation and how well all the single elements such as display models, objekts, architecture, graphics, materials, colors and light, work together. Content, form and space in harmonious, logic and emotional union. 

    Generally we use a statement or catchword that works like a piece of thread leading through the exhibition “weave” and inabling the visitor to follow the different aspects, twists and turns. 

    Our catchword here was “traces” (Spuren), which in German is originally related to “learning” (lernen), “teaching” (lehren) and “carry out” (leisten). It is also related to the verbs “feel” and “find” (spüren, nachspüren), which added a whole new aspect to the concept yet. We felt that all these different meanings should be reflected in a complex exhibition concept like this one. They are like different shadows of a color or like different aspects of life itself. 

    Traces you will find in all thinkable ways and intensity: Traces of Jewish hi(story), religion and everyday life. Traces in time: the past, the present and the future. And finally traces that the visitors leave: footprints that make them part of the exhibition, because at this time and space people of different origin and believe meet, learn from each other and learn with each other...

  • Exhibition Design

    40 Years TUI – A smile enchants the world

    It´s the 40th anniversary of TUI, time to look back and travel through the last four decades. Starting November 28th, 2008 in the company´s headquarters in Hannover, Lower Saxony, the exhibition showed the founation and development of the original Touristik Union International up to the latest concepts and developments. 

    Exhibition design and scenography: Award Associates, Münster

  • Exhibition Design

    Museum-Ship Rickmer Rickmers

    Architecture and Design Contest: 3rd Place 
    Museumship Rickmer Rickmers, Hamburg 2008

    Exhibition concept for the museumship Rickmer Rickmers 

    Motto of our concept was Waves of Memories referring to the memories that are connected to a long gone shipping-era 

    Our credos: 

    1. Scenografic realisation, dialogue of content and form, active interaction 
    (waves continue to appear in design and architectural elements, showcases appear as freight containers, dioramas as bull´s eyes and seats as barrels) 

    2. Sensitive and respectful handling of protected monuments: exhibition elements will always be recognized as such and submit to historic architecture and original objects 

    3. Informations can be „dosed“ individually: each visitor decides for him or herself, which offer of information they choose and how much of it (media elements like audio stations etc.)

    4. Moderate use of new media elements, that don´t require extra staff members 

    5. Moderate yet effective use of (dynamic) light and shadow 

    6. Integrated yet separate spezial offers for children and teens 

    7. Flexible design elements that can be developped and modified through teamwork

  • Exhibition Design

    Fritz Hüser Foundation

    Fritz-Hüser-Institute in Dortmund is he only scientific institution in Europe that collects and presents about the literature and cultural history of the working class and that does research on that topic. 

    AWard Associates was entrusted with a small scenographic exhibition that documents and presents the variety of work in this institution. 

    The “Bookshelf installation” contains several show cases and functions as and extension of two large graphic displays. The installation encourages visitors to actually discover the information hidden within the books on the bookshelves in an interactive and fun way.

  • Exhibition Design

    Flaming Hearts

    Temporary exhibition in the Museum of Westphalian Literature Haus Nottbeck / Oelde, Westphalia 

    Kitsch, everybody knows it, but what does it take to make kitsch? And why is kitsch a mass phenomenon? And why do telenovelas phascinate millions of people? 
    The exhibition Flaming hearts shows the most glamorous facet of entertainment literature: novels that tell love stories, detective stories, horror stories and western stories. Who are the authors? What is the the numer of copies printed and sold in a field that has been booming since the 1950s like no other on the book market.

    The numbers reach gigantic dimensions: 5.000 dime store novels are published every year, over 320 Millionen copies printed. In almost every genre Westphalian authors can be found on bestseller lists, yet their names are practically unknown. This is one of the secrets the exhibition looks into. 
    „Flaming Hearts“ is a project of the Literature Commission of Westphalia“ in cooperation with the Museum of Westphalian Literature Haus Nottbeck. 

    Exhibition design, scenography: Robert Ward, AWard Associates, Muenster

  • Exhibition Design

    Regionale 2004

    The exhibition gives an inside look into the regional art of gardening. Based on a very special scenography it shows the fundamental characteristics and the historical development of monastery and church gardens. 

    Central architectural element in any monastery garden is the cross walk/vault surrounding the garden which is consequently mirrored in the exhibition. The cross is shaped by four objects symbolizing the four elements. Two of these: Heaven (represented by a cube of light) and Earth (plexiglass cube filled with earth), are integrated in these objects. An image of water within the third object represents the element Water which in a real monastery would have been found in the center of the vault in form of a well. Last but not least the element Fire is added by the visitors themselves, their phantasy, their joy, and their creativity. 
    As usual in our projects any verbal information is integrated in the exhibition architecture so it doesn´t interfere or take away from the emotional experience.

    Exhibition design, scenography: Robert Ward, AWard Associates, Muenster

  • Exhibition Design

    Vivat Pax

    Exhibition for children and teens accompynying the 26th Exhibition of the European Councel "1648 – War and Peace in Europe", Museum of art and cultural history Münster and the Art Museum Osnabrück, 1997/98

    Scenographic objects and multiple sound and light impressions create a unique jurney into the world of the 1600s. The voice of a young soldier boy greets and leads into and through the exhibition. Actors appear as strikt school teachers, soldiers, beggers, merchants, trades women, artists bringing the everyday life, threats, battles, deseases, hunger, but also the achievements in the arts and children´s pasttime back to life. Children´s games can be played and clothes designed and fabricated especially for this exhibition can be tried on drawing not only children and teens into the exhibition. 

    Exhibition concept: Klaus Kösters, Dr. Angelika Francke, Dr. Daniel Müller-Hofstede, Dr. Martina Ward

    Adaption for the exhibition in Osnabrück and realisation: Dr. Martina Ward

    design, scenography: Robert Ward, Muenster

  • Exhibition Design

    Museum Of Haus Nottbeck

    House Nottbeck is a former mansion in Warendorf county between Oelde und Stromberg, its murals are full of history, stories, and memories...
    Since 2001 the main building of the manor displays the history of Westphalian literature in an exceptional variety and scientific depth. A major role in the exhibition plays the design concept aiming for interaction, joyful learning and individual experience. Historic architecture meets modern exhibition design and philosophy that includes not only scenographic installations but also graphics, space, virtual informations and a library. 

    Central challenge was the question: how do you actually present literature in an exhibition? Which are the “vehicles” that transport this kind of information, how do you rouse interest in something that many people believe to be rather dull, too intellectual or traditional? 
    The answer is: through scenographic and interactive presentation of these vehicles (objects that reflect on radio, theatre, books, cabaret, internet...), through objects, audio stations or otherwise familiar elements that tell stories and through unexpected details that need to be discovered. This way each visit becomes an adventurous tour, especially when children and teens discover the literary battle between the ancient manor´s goast and modern street gangs in the catacombs.

    Scientific concept: Prof. Dr. Walter Gödden

    Design concept, scenography: Robert Ward, Award Associates, Münster

  • Exhibition Design

    The Enormous Room

    The spacious installation composed of light, shadow and sound took shape during a twelve-month period of time. The empty rooms of the former industrial building served as an inspiration and as a studio at the same time, before it was meant to be torne down.

    Rooms that lost their former function were filled with new ideas and new reality that in the end leads the visitor back into his or her own reality. Original elements of architecture from the 1950s were included and served as a mirror and counterpart for sculptures made of concrete, steel, daylight, laser and other artificial light sources.

    Photos: © Josef Neumann / Dortmund